Personal Insurance

NOTHING IS OF GREATER VALUE THAN YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR HOME. You have worked hard to build your life and provide for your family.

Our mission is to provide you with the insurance solutions you need, that will protect you, your family and your future, even when life takes an unexpected turn.

A. DiMeglio Associates helps you identify your objectives and classify your true needs. Then we design an insurance program that suits your unique situation. We don’t simply provide you with a policy based on where you may fall on an actuarial table.

Our proprietary “Insurance Assessment Process” is a simple but powerful tool we use that helps guide you through the insurance selection process and simplifies the choice of identifying which specific insurance solution works best for you.


• Personal Homeowners Insurance
• Rental Properties and Landlord Coverage
• Personal Automobile (motorcycle, motor home or other vehicle) Insurance
• Personal Assets & Holdings Protection Insurance
• Personal Excess Liability
• Life Insurance
• Individual Health Insurance
• Disaster Insurance (Hurricane, Flood, Winds, Storms)
• Kidnapping, Ransom and Repatriation
• Recreational Vehicle Insurance

• Marine Insurance (Yacht & Boat)

• Identity Theft Protection 

• Travel & Accident Insurance